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My background history

I have always been interested in exercise and fitness, at school a fast sprinter and long jumper.

Never very keen on football, most likely I always seemed to be goalkeeper on the winning side, and just got bored and cold through not seeing any action.

On leaving school I went into Horticulture, first as an employee, then as an employer when I started my own Gardening business. In 2000 it was time for that midlife crisis! I decided to give up the gardening and become a Fitness Instructor at Fitness First. Part time at first then full time as I became to love it so much. Fitness First were amazing to me, they paid for my training and gave me the most fabulous opportunities. Teaching all kind of classes, training all kinds of members. Experience you don’t get from manuals or courses.

Why choose me as your

Personal Trainer?

There are hundreds of Personal Trainers in Bournemouth, what makes me different?

Most Personal Trainers are 18-25 years old, some interested in fitness others not.They think of it as quite a glamorous job, chat up lots of girls, do it for a year of so, then move on and get a proper job. I have been very much into my own training since 1970 (Yes I know I don’t look old enough!) and have done it as a full time job almost 12 years, and here to stay.

Teaching regular classes at all the prestige clubs on the right of this page, and have done so for years, believe me they don’t employ instructors who are not top notch.

Dealing in reality, not fantasy, sorry all out of magic wands!  I will tell you straight what it takes to achieve your goals, no Bull S... I am a highly motivational person, it just comes naturally to me, that’s just something you are born with.

I dont make you do anything, I  make you WANT to do it, that’s the secret. Its got to be fun, and at the end of the day I want to see results as much as you do. Not that I like to bang on about it, but I am 64, but (modestly) in pretty good shape, with a high level of fitness. Now..what can I do for YOU!

You look a bit scary, could you train a middle age housewife?

Don’t worry I don’t bite. But I am no pussycat either,

You will work, but the results will be worth it.

People always tell me they were a bit scared when they first saw me, but soon realised I was a bit of a softy and a real caring person. I guess we all play a role in life, and perhaps even hide behind it, well that’s mine.

During my time in the fitness industry, I have trained Anorexics, Obese, Amputees, 80 Year olds, Marines, Strippers, Wrestlers, some with strange medical conditions, you name it I have trained them. Over the years I have trained thousands, always challenging, but never overstepping the mark. So what ever your abilities, rest assured you will not be asked to do anything outside your ability, however, you may well be surprised yourself just what you are capable of.

Are you ready for change? Weight loss, Fitness, Body Shaping, Flexibility, Improve your sport, or just be able to relax, look and feel great.


How it all began